57 Murray Street

Murray Street


A Messenger Boy at 57 Murray

In an era before faxes and email, important documents were delivered around Perth in all kinds of weather by fit young men on bicycles like Robert Gesmundo whose career at 57 Murray Street began as a 15-year-old in 1953.

Catching the Polluters

While Ron Powell worked at 57 Murray Street as a Clean Air technician, environmental pollution was a major concern in Western Australia but, as he explains, catching the culprits wasn’t always easy.

Working with Ida Mann

Robert Gesmundo spent the early part of his working life at 57 Murray Street and was, for a time, a clerk to the indomitable Dame Ida Mann whose work in the area of eye disease – particularly trachoma – brought her international acclaim.

The Social Side of 57 Murray

‘Work hard and play hard’ could have been a motto for the public servants at 57 Murray Street in the 50s and 60s with glittering end of year balls and annual picnics by the sea.

Tea and Sugar Train

Few Public Health Departments in the world serve a population so geographically spread as in Western Australia and unusual methods were employed to take services to the most remote communities.