57 Murray Street

Murray Street


The Boots

Buried treasure might have been nice to find in the foundations of 57 Murray Street but National Trust workers found a different prize which, we now know, was part of a fascinating superstition.

Clean Air Technician

The physical environment around Perth wasn’t always as clean as it is today and we owe improvements in important issues like air quality to people like Bob Crowe whose career began at 57 Murray Street.

AO Neville - Man with firm Ideas

AO Neville moved to 57 Murray Street as Chief Protector of Aborigines in 1926 and, despite having a small staff and a miniscule budget, he left an indelible impression on the lives of thousands of Aboriginal people in Western Australia.

AO Neville - Man with A Mission

As Chief Protector and later Commissioner, AO Neville administered Aboriginal Affairs in Western Australia from his offices at 57 Murray Street but, 100 years after he began his work, he remains a controversial figure.

AO Neville - Getting around Mr Neville

Under the legislation of the day, Aboriginal people in Western Australia needed permission from AO Neville at 57 Murray Street or his subordinates for access to wages, to travel and to buy certain goods and services but many found ways to beat the red tape.